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What is it?



a few words about us

The Flyover Coffee Club is a way for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy over a dozen of the best small-batch coffee roasters that Missouri and Illinois have to offer. All of the roasters we work with specialize in high quality, expertly roasted, and ethically sourced coffee. These roasters are small in scale and regional in nature. Typically, their coffee is not widely avialable at retail establishments. We are proud to have partnered with numerous local roasters in order to take the hassle out of trying to find – and keep – access to great coffee. The Flyover Coffee Club is the perfect way to enjoy the area’s best coffee, delivered on a monthly basis and, most importantly, within days of roasting. Learn more about personal and gift subscriptions or read on for more back-story.

Why is this a thing?

Green (unroasted) commodity grade coffee (think the ground coffee in a can at the grocery store) wholesales for less than $2 per pound. Expertly grown and rare species of Arabica coffee wholesale for nearly $10 per pound (and sometimes more) and is a seasonal crop. Without getting into a bunch of specifics and nerdy shop talk, it is safe to say that it can be very difficult for small-batch roasters to compete -- both with each other and against the big agra-business commodity model that dominates supermarket shelves. When specialty roasters do get wide distribution their coffee can sit on store shelves for up to a year. There are a lot of major issues and hurdles for roasters looking to expand their market but remain true to their roots and the reasons they entered the coffee business.

Bollocks to all that. Just join us as we cast an ever widening net to discover what the region's many truly passionate roasters are doing. We'll bring you different coffees each month from different roasters and it will always be roasted within 5 days of the time you receive it. We'll tell their story in our newsletter and we'll connect you to the growers and the growing regions. 

What does one need to get started?

Simply sign up for yourself or buy someone a gift subscription. Whoever is going to receive the coffee needs a grinder as we don't ship ground coffee. Ideally, this grinder would be a decent quality burr grinder

Isn't this just coffee snobbery?

From office break rooms to the isles of the grocery store, when it comes to great coffee, it seems like you just can’t win.  And all the coffee brewing equipment in the world won’t improve the taste of stale, burned, coffee of questionable origin.  Something as simple as coffee, a thing that 83% of U.S. adults drink, has become incredibly difficult to actually enjoy.  And it has even become yet another item in a long list of modern conveniences that produces far more waste than it should. I've heard the term "coffee snob" a lot. While it can be frustrating to attempt to enlighten someone with a preconcieved notion of what coffee is, it is extra frustrating when it comes from someone who spends $20 on a bottle of wine, $10 on a coctail, and frequents Starbucks. After all, isn't Starbucks the original snobby coffee? Whatever. Those people don't know what they are missing. I say let us tell the story of coffee and bring you the best there is. You just sit back and smell the roses...and coffee.