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Past Shipments



If you are curious about the coffees and teas we've been including just check out the list below for a quick history of our shipments.  If you click on the month you'll be taken to an archive version of the club newsletter for that particular month.


Coffee Club Shipments

Month Coffee 1 - all members Coffee 2 - two bag members Coffee 3 - two bag members
2014 May Blueprint Victor Molano** Blueprint Narnio Select  
2014 June  La Cosecha* Guatemala hht el enjertal La Cosecha* Ethiopia Yirgachefe**  
2014 July  Kuva Peru Chilchos** Kuva Guatemala Huehuetenango  
2014 August  Riley's* Decatur Street Blend  Riley's* Ethiopia Harrar  
2014 September Stringbean Ethiopian True Blue Stringbean Special Reserve**  
2014 October Blueprint Sonora Blueprint Chiri**  
2014 November Shortwave Gelena Abaya Shortwave Colombia  
2014 December Kuva Rawanda A Inzovu  Burundi Kayanza**   
2015 January La Cosecha* Colombia La Cosecha* Papua New Guinea  
2015 February Parengo Mexico Chiapas Parengo Congo Lake Kivu**  
2015 March Stringbean Sumatra Stringbean Brazilian Estate  
2015 April Arthouse Papua New Guinea Waghi Valley Arthouse Ethepoia Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe**  
2015 May Riley's* Costa Rica Tarrazu Riley's* House Blend**  
2015 June Blueprint Santa Elena Blueprint Mpanga** Blueprint El Recuerdo**
2015 July La Cosecha* Guatemala  La Cosecha* City Limits** La Cosecha* Flores
2015 August Shortwave Costa Rica La Trinidad Shortwave Ethiopia Werka Chelchele** Shortwave Guatemala Sereno**
2015 September Kaldi's Guatemala San Jose Ocana** Kaldi's Ethiopia Guji Sidamo** Kaldi's Mexico Sicobi
2015 October Northwest FTO Ethopia  Northwest FTO Sumatra Mandheling  
2015 November Arthouse Papa New Guinea Ulya Arthouse Guatemala Huehue**  
2015 December Blueprint Tecton V.1 Blueprint La Papaya**  
2016 January Kuva Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Kuva Peru Caminos del Inca**  
2016 February Stringbean Cafe Fermenino** Stringbean Ethiopian True Blue  
2016 March
Parengo Peru Cajamarca**
Parengo Brazil Espirato Natural  
2016 April Arthouse Peru Arthouse Ethiopia**  
2016 May La Cosecha Ethiopia Lab Series #1 La Cosecha Ethiopia Lab Series #2  
2016 June Community Beans Brazil Yellow B.** Community Beans Yirgacheffe  
2016 July Oddly Correct Valiente Pacamara** Oddly Correct Monte Nuevo Catimor  
2016 August Blueprint Las Moritas Blueprint Hambela**  
2016 September Kuva Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kuva Rwanda A Inzovu  
2016 October Shortwave 5x5 Blend Shortwave Papua New Guinea  
2016 November Arthouse Guatemala Huehuetenango Arthouse Rwanda Kivu Nyamyumba  
2016 December Stringbean Colombia Light Stringbean Colombia Medium  
2017 January Three Story Kenya Three Story El Salvador  
2017 February Blueprint Kanzu** Blueprint Cajamarca Select**  
2017 March La Cosecha Lab #1 Burundi La Cosecha Lab #2 Burundi  
2017 April Goshen Guatemala Goshen   
2017 May Three story Three Story Sumatra  
2017 June Sacred Seed Yirgacheffe Idido Sacred Seed Idido Natural  
2017 July Living Room Tolima Colombia Living Room Arusha Tanzania Living Room Wahgi Valley PNG
2017 August Community Beans Ethiopia Community Beans Colombia  
2017 September Blueprint Wonago Blueprint Kawa Kabuya  
2017 October Oddly Correct Something or other Oddly Correct Something or other  
2017 November Goshen Kenya Goshen Something or other  
2017 December Sacred Seed Kenya Nyeri Sacred Seed Panama Boquete  
2018 January Kuva Rwanda A Inzovu Kuva Ethiopia Yirgacheffe  
2018 February Shortwave Barzil Carmo de Minas Shortwave Java Blue Batavia  
2018 March Blueprint Tekton v10 Blueprint  
2018 April COMA Ethiopia Limu COMA Colombia Finca El Manantial  
2018 May COMA Ethiopia Guji COMA Peru Minca  
2018 June Living Room Ethiopia Shakiso Living Room Guatemala Chimaltenango  
2018 July Parengo Sumatra Atu Lintang Aceh Parengo Ethiopia Gera Estate Jimma  
2018 August Sacred Seed Etho Yirga Kochere Nat. Sacred Seed Kenyaa Embu AA  
2018 September Blueprint Finca Manzano Blueprint Dimtu  
2018 October      

*Denotes roaster packages coffee in 16 ounce bags.
**Denotes top lot coffee.