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Meet the Roasters

Columbia, MO — Shortwave is a small batch quality roasting company and local coffee shop located in Columbia, Missouri. Opened on Valentine's day, 2014, their mission, to put it simply, is to roast and serve the best coffees in mid-Missouri.

From Shortwave: The Shortwave Coffee name and logo (a shortwave radio tower with a coffee bean on top) pays homage to Dale Bassham’s family history of radiomen. His father worked for years repairing and maintaining the Missouri Highway Patrol’s radio antennas and towers, as did his grandfather. Dale also spent many of his formative years watching his father and grandfather take to the radio waves on shortwave, ham radios to talk with people all over the world.

For our coffee business, we’ve taken this idea of receiving and transmitting and applied it to our product. We receive the high-quality, green coffee beans that are carefully cultivated and harvested by coffee farmers, enhance the quality through specific roasting profiles that bring out the best in each coffee, and then transmit a strong product to our customers. Our coffee is sent out chock full of love and care, and it’s a difference you can taste. Receive and transmit the coffee love.

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