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Meet the Roasters

Sikeston, MO — Parengo started on a back porch in 2012. Now they roast and brew at the former location of Red's Bar in historic downtown Sikeston, Missouri. They offer espresso drinks, drip coffee and a variety of teas, blended coffees, and other beverages.

Parengo roasts on a new TJ-067 by North Coffee Equipment Co. You'll hear it humming almost every day in the back of the shop. The roaster stays busy cooking their single-origin coffees for their drip bar, their two blends for espresso and custom blends for local cafes.

The backbone of Parengo is a refurbished La Marzocco Linea 3, which was built around 1993. The precision from which it pulls and steams makes it really fun to use. Our 80/20 house espresso goes into most drinks. Its nutty sweetness makes for a great latte, while the chocolate and cream flavors in our Kodawari blend create mochas and Americanos like you've never experienced.

Order a regular cup of coffee and you'll get one of our single-origin offerings ground fresh and prepared as a pour over. Or if you'd like to try something new, ask the barista to brew your coffee with a siphon, Chemex, Kalita Wave or Aeropress. And you thought you were nerdy about coffee.

Visit Parengo's Website.