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Three Story



Meet the Roasters

Jefferson City, MO  Three Story loves coffee, but not for the reason you probably think. Coffee is their hot beverage of choice and the drink it on a daily basis, but for them it has the ability to be so much more. They love coffee for its potential - the potential to create change.​

The farmers that grow the beans for Three Story Coffee have incredible but often untold stories.  Their mission is to tell those stories.  However, to tell the stories, they have to gather them.  They travel to the farm and get to know the farmers, families, workers and their communities.  They partner with other roasters and support the farmers in growing great coffee, and give them a better price built upon the quality of the coffee they produce.  This becomes bigger than Fair Trade. In the end, they want to connect drinkers to the story through their coffee.

Americans alone consume 400 million cups of coffee per day.  That's a lot of opportunities to make a choice to choose companies that are doing good - that care about the farmers.  Three Story has the audacious goal of changing the way people see and think about coffee. They think you'll love their coffee - but they want you to love the farmers and communities too.

Visit Three Story Coffee's website.