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Meet the Roasters

Fairview Heights, IL — Barry Jarrett has been roasting coffee for over 25 years.  His roasts were a point of entry for many people into the world of expertly roasted coffee and helped define what it means to be a micro-roaster in St. Louis.  As Scott Carey, owner of Sump Coffee, put it, "Barry was a pioneer."  

Some decades ago Barry opened a coffee shop in the mall.  And a glorious mall it was!  Rising out of the farmland of the metro east, the modern icon that was St. Clair Square beckoned visitors from miles around.  And when they came they saw mostly just another mall.  It had water features, a Spencer's, department stores, a food court, that mall smell, and a parking lot on what was formerly a corn field.  The town of Fairview Heights, IL had, at some recent point, determined it was not a place for people to live but rather it was a place for people to shop.  Barry and his wife opened Riley's Coffee and Fudge in a large corner shop on the ground level. Barry roasted fine coffee and his wife made wonderful fudge.  To some, their shop was just a place to get coffee and sweets while shopping in the mall.  To others, it was a place you went out of yer way to visit; after all, who goes to the mall to buy fine coffee?  In the decades since these early years malls changed and chain coffee shops (namely Starbuck's) proliferated.  Unable or unwilling to compete with Starbuck's incessant desire to woo the mall owners, Barry abandoned the brick and mortar shop some years ago.   Nowadays, Barry is known throughout the region as the guy to go to for espresso machines, espresso machine repair, and espresso machine restoration.  But you have to seek out Barry to find his personally roasted coffee.  Either that or seek out Flyover Coffee.  His coffee is not available in stores.  You won’t find it on his website and you can’t get it at the farmer’s market.  But we have it and he roasts it just for you!

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