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La Cosecha



Meet the Roasters

Maplewood, MO — La Cosecha Coffee Roasters began in 2006 by two home roasters, Jamie Jeschke and Gio Sparks. The duo has grown to supply numerous retailers, cafes, and organizations with fresh roasted coffee.

Starting with a hot air popcorn popper, Jamie and Gio became active home roasters learning the art through lots of smoke, trial and error. This was followed by formal training and lots more practice on a fluid bed air roaster & a Diedrich IR-12 drum roaster.   The duo developed a more personal interest in coffee after hearing about the plight of the coffee farmers around the world, struggling to survive when coffee prices plummeted. Both have a sincere interest in the culture and tradition of the people who grow and harvest the coffee.   They are committed to establishing relationships with farmers and compensating them with a fair, living wage.

Their mission is to connect the consumer with the farmer by offering fresh-roasted coffee grown in a sustainable manner where the farmer is given a fair price.

Coffee is grown all over the world and is the chief export for many countries. It’s actually the most highly traded commodity after oil — it’s that big! Of the estimated $60 billion the global coffee industry earns each year, less than 10 percent of earnings go to the farmers who grow, nurture, and harvest the coffee beans. We believe coffee farmers should receive a “fair trade” for their work and for this reason, we deliberately buy, roast, and sell only Fair Trade certified coffee. Fair Trade certification ensures farmers receive a living wage and other benefits. We hope that as dealers and consumers you will choose to purchase and consume freshly roasted, Fair Trade coffee. In doing so, we will bring the coffee “from the harvest to your cup”.

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